Sunday, July 26, 2015

When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead

                I highly recommend this book! I received a recommendation from a librarian at my local library, so I knew it must be good. Boy, was I right! This book is about a girl named Miranda who lives in a small New York apartment with her mother. Lately, Miranda has been receiving letters from 'you'. In the letters, you told her to write a letter in response about her life even though she does not know who you are. Basically, this whole book is her letter. Although the book doesn't start with "Dear Sender" or doesn't end with "Sincerely, Miranda", it is still her letter. In the book, Miranda has a best friend named Sal. When something happens that ruins Miranda and Sal's friendship, Miranda hangs out with another girl named Annmarie and Colin. Lately, Annmarie and her best friend named Julia stop being friends. Miranda takes that opportunity to become friends with Annmarie. Colin, Annmarie and Miranda start working at a sandwich shop during lunch every day at school. A boy who took part in ruining Miranda and Sal's friends ship talks to Miranda about time travel. The whole conversation about time travel really confused me, but don't just not read the book because of a small (yet important) part. That part ends up solving who the letter sender is. A mysterious homeless man on the corner keeps kicking at cars and yelling "Smart Kid!" at Miranda as she walks by. What could it all mean? This book is filled with adventure, mystery and science, you'll love it! 
I recommend this book for kids with ages ranging from 9 to 12
I give is five stars. 
You can get it at your local library, or you can get it here.


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