Saturday, April 11, 2015

Brisingr by Christopher Paolini

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    This book is AWESOME! I give it 5 out of 5 stars. Christopher Paolini is truly a master! Here is a summary of Brisingr:
         Just as he promised, Eragon heads with Roran to Helgrind to rescue his spouse, Katrina, from the Ra'zac. There, they find Sloan, Katrina's father, who also was captured by the Ra'zac, but also gave his town away to them. Eragon and Roran rescue Katrina and Eragon puts a curse on Sloan that he many never see his daughter again. The spell also takes away Sloan's eyes. Then they return to the Varden, only to find out that Katrina is pregnant. Katrina and Roran's wedding is arranged, but in the middle of it, some of Galbatorix's troops attack, along with Murtagh. Eragon and Saphira beat the troops. Then Roran and Katrina get married. The dwarf king gets killed, so Eragon attends the new election in which his good friend, Orik, get elected. Eragon and Saphira return to Elesmera to resume their training. Glaedr the other dragon, gives Eragon his heart of hearts and heads off to fight Murtagh and Galbatorix. Eragon and Saphira head to the island of Vroendgard according to Solembum the cat. There they find something. What do you think they find? Meanwhile, Oromis dies and Glaedr lives on in his Heart of Hearts in sadness. Eragon and Saphira head to Feinster for the siege the Varden is Planning. There, Eragon rescues Arya, the elf. Then, Eragon helps Arya kill a Shade, making her a Shade Slayer like Eragon, them being 2 of the 6 who have survived doing so.
I recommend this book of 7th graders and higher.
This book is 763 pages. So be prepared to be reading a long book if you are going to read it. 
You can get it at your local library or buy it Here

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